Simply way to install Veneerplast. You install Veneerplast directly to substrate such as Plywood, MDF, PB. In short it can be use by cutting with simplest tools, cutter, and install with adhesive to both side; at the backside of Veneerplast and substrate. Here is more detail in doing installation

  1. Cutting Veneerplast After the sizing is define, Veneerplast can be cut with circular saw,slitter machine, or even a simply tools such as  scissors or cutter.  In doing corner edge please cut Veneerplast larger 1 – 2 mm than specific size and sanding the excess area to make it perfect fit your works. Avoid cracking the Veneerplast, Use slitter machine for best cutting method
  2. Do attaching Sanding its back of Veneerplast helps easily install to substrate. Naturally put a thin layer of adhesive on back side of Veneerplast and the surface of substrate. Veneerplast can work with simply adhesive for example rubber type adhesive or latex.   Make sure that all the surface area is fully coat with adhesive. For attachments, open time, pressing time or other details please follow the adhesive requirement.
  3. Treatment of EdgeWith 0.3 mm Veneerplast ‘s edge is less visible than, we recommend just make the neat corner and just leave that. Painting or pen can be used for doing edge. For best durable, ABS edge band is recommended.
  4. Doing CurveVeneerplast works well with Curve, Corner with R more than 25 mm can be easily do by hand, For machine post forming , we recommend surface temperature at 180 C. Anyway, sample or mock up is highly recommended when doing a high volume project. 
  5. Handling before installation, Delivery may be by wooden crate or rolls. Handle with care, in case of rolls when unpacked beware of crack before installation. Strong impact can be effect surface or products before installation.

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