Useful Tips

  1. Just use normal stationary like a scissors or cuter to cut it
    scissors or cuter can work well with Veneerplast, so the work will become more rigid even the tiny part of work
  1. Joining the grain for the high ceiling work, color work in the joinery
    For Veneerplast¬† size is 1.22×2.42 m , the pattern is repeat every 1.2-1.4 meter depends on desing, for installing the panel longer than 2.4m , installer need to carefully connect at the connecting part of the other sheets of Veneerplast. Thank for Stictly on the proper connecting part will make your work at lot more neat and increase the value of our Veneerplast.
  1. Doing laminating
    In case of hand laminating
    In doing machine laminating, follow the instruction of HPL.
  1. Look good in catalogue or real good in space
  1. Are Veneerplast?

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